Brock J. Brady
Brock J. Brady

Financial Consultant

P: (425) 698-1712

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Brock J Brady

Both my dad and stepdad are retired Air Force Colonels, and this gave me the opportunity to grow up in many places and travel to many more. Seeing so much of the world taught me how fortunate I am in my life, and how much easier life becomes when we align our intentions with our efforts, and have the right support in place to help us navigate the inevitable turbulence that life throws our way. It’s all about support.

Alongside of planning, throughout my career I have invested time in coaching skills so I can be a necessary life support for my clients as they write their stories and design their legacies. It’s difficult to quantify the value of simply knowing the right question to ask at the right time, but it can be monumental to my clients. That’s the part of my financial advice journey I’m most excited about: sharing my client’s dreams and concerns, and making genuine relational connections, founded on vulnerability, honesty and mutual curiosity.

My conversations with clients surface insights that become the true foundation of their financial plan, and I love the connections WestStar makes with our clients – being part of a team that aims to contribute to their overall happiness, success and prosperity is priceless.

Growing up in so many places has blessed me with friends and family all over the world. My wife and best friend, Callie and I love traveling with our two boys, Braxton (16) and Bennett (14) and our newest addition, Cassiophia (6 months at time of writing). We love the outdoor splendor of the Pacific Northwest and have combined that with some of our philanthropic adventures over the years. Our favorite charitable cause is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Back in 2004 a friend invited me to join her in helping make CF stand for “Cure Found” instead of Cystic Fibrosis. 17+ years later, while we aren’t quite there, the strides have been monumental for those suffering from this horrible disease. With so many friends who now have kids with CF, we’re in it “until it’s done.”

At WestStar Prosperity Partners we understand the power of collective action and how we can make an immediate impact by coming together as a vibrant work team to help local organizations. We’ve helped with projects from landscaping, building fences, painting, packing 35,000 lbs of food for people with food insecurities, and in many other ways to help our communities. I’m humbled and grateful to be a part of such a selfless team.

I’m passionate about human connections. I love sharing stories. I’m a natural networker. The best fireworks are between people. Sharing life is the most important part. I’m a lifelong learner and love reading. My best books are about life’s purpose, self-discovery, growth and leaving a legacy. I’m most proud of my relationship with my two boys. Teaching them that we all fail sometimes, but it’s easier to get back up with the right support. After all, togetherness is everything.