Confidence comes with collaboration and trust

What we do for individuals

We advise individuals on how to build a secure foundation for tomorrow, accumulate wealth, and turn their life’s work into a rewarding retirement.

No matter where you are along your path, we start out together by defining your financial and lifestyle goals, and assessing your opportunities and risks. Depending on your needs, we develop and implement a holistic financial plan that addresses 6 planning imperatives.

Individual Planning
Tax Advice & Social Security Planning
Investment Planning
Risk Management
Retirement Planning
Estate & Legacy Planning

We have advisors on our professional team with experience that’s right for you. They will advise you through an Advisory and Solutions Suite that’s designed for you. In this way, you can be confident that you’re in experienced hands, and that your personal journey is well supported with the tools, technology and solutions you need to pursue your dreams.

WestStar’s Advisory & Solutions Suite

No matter your life stage, goals or challenges, we have an Advisory & Solutions Suite just for you.

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You’re a young professional on the road to prosperity, wanting to grow wealth and minimize taxes and debt.

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You’re a successful, highflying executive wanting to accumulate wealth, minimize taxes and secure your prosperity.

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Business Pioneers

You’re a business owner wanting to grow your business, reward yourself and your staff, and exit optimally.

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Retirement Trailblazers

You’re winding up towards retirement, wanting to create dependable income and security, regardless of what the world delivers.

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