On Crafting Your Personal Wealth Portfolio – The Value Of Financial Planning

At WestStar we find it easy to view life as a confident journey, and that’s because we journey with our clients as they make their way through life.

We use the metaphor of life as a journey to make it easy for clients to view their personal goals as milestones, and to understand the best paths to follow for success. Each client’s roadmap comprises goals and milestones, and we guide and encourage them along the way.

Your money journey is a path that’s sometimes clouded by risk, but always rich in possibilities. For these reasons, it’s certainly not a path to tread alone. If you’re to build a prosperous future and pursue your dreams, your risks must be mitigated and your financial milestones must be reached.

For this to happen, an experienced financial consultant will help you craft an investment portfolio that aims to stay the course throughout your journey, and to provide retirement income that maintains your lifestyle through your golden years.

When people speak of the value of having a professional financial consultant guide you along your wealth journey, most often they’re talking about the results you can expect: but we believe it has a lot to do with confidence-building and the way you see your future.

Most people aren’t as money savvy as they’d like to be, and sometimes the idea of professional financial planning not only comes across as intimidating but can be downright unsettling. It’s in times like these – as doubts and insecurity arise – that the value of financial planning becomes clear.

In a confusing and demanding financial world, building your confidence – and assuring you that you’ll no longer be alone in your decision-making – are significant benefits.

Let’s delve deeper into why all of this matters.

What is a Financial Plan?

Financial planning is the approach through which you’ll be able to manage your finances and focus on your personal goals. It also charts the paths to follow every step of the way. These paths come together in a personal financial plan.

The natural goal of any growth journey is growth – be it in health and wellness, experience, trust, deeper relationships, or contentment. We refer to this as prosperity. When it comes to financial planning, the goal is to grow and secure your wealth. Many rewards come with wealth, and these include the opportunity to create experiences for you and your loved ones including building a holiday home, overseas trips, college education for the kids, and ultimately, a comfortable retirement. The end goal for many is to secure prosperity and security for their loved ones, via their legacies.

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How Can a Financial Plan Help You?

If you have lofty money dreams, you’re not alone. Everybody has a dream, but few have a plan to make it real. A financial plan will set in motion each course you need to tread, and each path to follow if you’re to reach your milestones and turn your dreams into your lived reality.

It’s quite natural to find the thought of actually starting out and then maintaining your saving commitment scary. Yet, a financial plan implemented by a knowledgeable and experienced financial consultant will make everything clear. Your financial consultant will coach you to understand money, make smart decisions that reinforce your purpose, and make the most of the opportunities you hold.

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, there’s nothing quite like knowing that you’re doing the best you can for your future, and for those you care about.

Perhaps this looks like a pipedream from where you’re standing right now, and maybe your financial affairs are not in great shape. Don’t let this deter you; and remember, every financial planning journey starts with a single step.

The steps you can expect to take with your financial consultant should bring you the clarity and perspective you need to get you motivated and committed to action.
A professional financial consultant will also coach you on the best way to go about building your tomorrow. Through this process, you’ll get to strategize, execute and focus on your goals with confidence and clarity.


You’ll consider your life’s vision and what matters to you, along with your lifestyle goals at key stages of your life. Then, you’ll define the appropriate steps you need to take to reach your goals, and decide what you need to do to get started and maintain momentum at each milestone. Having agreed on the measures and measurement of success, you’ll define your milestones and timeframe.

“With WestStar’s 360° financial planning approach, I start way out in the future and work backward to illustrate the impact of different choices; this empowers clients to make astute choices of their own. My clients attain true freedom, independence, and confidence: a sense of calm in knowing where they’re heading, and having a co-pilot they can count on.” – Sam Gullette CFP®, CLU®, Certified Financial Planner


Having decided on your goals, and committed to a disciplined approach, now you are free to weave your end goal and game plan into your work. With this clear picture in your mind, you’ll start working towards it from step one. Knowing where you’re heading and how to get there is all at once extremely motivating and liberating.


With your vision as much a part of your daily life as breakfast – and with the steps set out in your financial plan being monitored, measured, and adjusted regularly, you’ll find it easier to meet each goal with confidence, and a steady focus. Now you’ll be in control of your future.

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Financial Planning Is Not Simply for the Wealthy

Financial planning is extremely important in managing wealth, but it’s also true that many wealthy people did not start out that way. In other words, a financial plan is about growing wealth from the ground up, as much as it is about managing and making the most of the wealth you’ve grown.

Growing wealth is accomplished through astute financial planning. The very nature of financial planning is that it is customizable to your situation and your vision, and that makes it ideal for you. You may be the lowly intern or the top executive – we all need to implement a financial plan, whether for the wealth we have or the wealth we plan to have when we’re in our later years.

In this way, when you choose a financial planner and begin financial planning, you are investing in yourself and your future.

The value of astute financial planning is simply immense, and that’s because it expresses your vision and builds your wealth towards achieving it.

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WestStar’s financial consultants are committed to putting your interests first for a more secure financial future. Our Retirement Advisory & Solutions Suite brings our professional team’s advice, prosperity-based planning, and key milestones together on your personalized roadmap.

To make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge and advice to develop and pursue your financial plan with confidence and clarity, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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