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At WestStar we understand that our clients’ prosperity is way more important to them than simply monetary wealth. True prosperity is living your best life, free from anxiety or concerns.

We’d be delighted to show you how to pursue your wealth and financial security goals, with clarity and ease.

Once you know how, you’ll have confidence along the way.

Want to stop worrying about money and start living confidently?

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Many people come to us with the exact same longings.

‘A clear plan; someone I can trust to show me where to go and how to get there: a map that keeps it all on track: then I’ll be able to relax and enjoy life without worry.’

Does that sound like you?

“At WestStar we believe that your financial plan and portfolio should be tailored to make your dreams a reality.”

Sam Gullette, Certified Financial Planner®

Migrating birds cover vast distances and navigate many hazards together in their flying V’s. 

Flying together is super-aerodynamic and energy-efficient. It’s also the safest way to fly. 

At lift-off, the birds are sure they’ll reach their goal and touch down safe and sound. They’re free to relax along the way, trusting in the guidance, direction, encouragement, and support they need to get there with confidence and ease. 

Prosperity starts where uncertainty ends and it means the world to WestStar: prosperity for our clients, their families, and our partners is in our name, our DNA, and our flying V logo!

The WestStar Way

To reach true prosperity you need to know where you’re heading.

People from all walks of life and at various stages of their journeys bring their dreams and goals to WestStar.  We provide the guidance, experience, and lift they need to pursue these aspirations efficiently, and with clarity and confidence.

WestStar’s practiced way to prosperity puts a professional WestStar Financial Advisor in the navigator’s seat next to you.  You get a professionally guided, well-informed, and carefully navigated experience throughout.

You also get WestStar’s personalized Navigator 360° Roadmap to follow, along with the knowledge, tools, tactics and technology to guide you to your milestones.

Why WestStar?

Advisory Services & Solutions just for you

WestStar’s Advisory & Solutions Suites serve the diverse needs of our four client types.

Each Suite brings its own blended advice, services, solutions and toolsets to target our clients’ personal goals.

While we focus our professional attention on you, we also assist many others like you.

It all adds up to the necessary experience, skillset and attention you’ll need, wherever you are on your journey.

WestStar’s Advisory & Solutions Suite

No matter your life stage, goals or challenges, we have an Advisory & Solutions Suite just for you.

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You’re a young professional on the road to prosperity, wanting to grow wealth and minimize taxes and debt.

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You’re a successful, highflying executive wanting to accumulate wealth, minimize taxes and secure your prosperity.

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Business Pioneers

You’re a business owner wanting to grow your business, reward yourself and your staff, and exit optimally.

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Retirement Trailblazers

You’re winding up towards retirement, wanting to create dependable income and security, regardless of what the world delivers.

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