Education Planning

Start Funding Your Kids’ Future Today

WestStar Advisors will tell you that the best time to start a college fund is when your child is born. When you factor in compound interest and regular investments, the funds can grow over a longer period of time, and you don’t need to put aside as much each month or year to reach your goal.

 “Some of the big questions that I help my clients with include: ‘Am I saving enough to achieve my goals and successfully fund my dream retirement? How should I save for my children’s college without sacrificing my own retirement savings?'”

Jason Hewett: Financial Consultant

It’s never too late to start saving for college and enjoy several benefits such as increased flexibility and less debt. Families who save for college may afford a more expensive college than they otherwise could. College savings also can reduce student loan debt, since every dollar you save is a dollar less you’ll have to borrow.

There are various types of college savings plans designed to help you finance your kids or grandkids’ education: 529 Plans and Education Savings Accounts are generally considered better choices because of their tax advantages.

We help to set up tax efficient 529 Plans and Education Savings Accounts to insure your children receive the education they deserve without impacting your own retirement.

Disclosure: “Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses associated with municipal fund securities before investing. This information is found in the issuer’s official statement and should be read carefully before investing. Investors should also consider whether the investor’s or beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other benefits available only from that state’s 529 Plan. Any state-based benefit should be one of many appropriately weighted factors in making an investment decision. The investor should consult their financial or tax advisor before investing in any state’s 529 Plan.”

Start saving today for college with a plan that suits your goals and circumstances.

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