Investment Management

Investment Management that Targets Your Goals

It is important to develop a financial planning journey that aligns with your unique goals and circumstances, and those of your family.

Your goals drive your investments – and not the other way around. We consider all investment options in developing your asset allocation model.

Our open architecture affords us access to an extremely wide spectrum of professional money managers and funds, from which we craft customized strategies that are easily understandable and tax-efficient.


Growth stocks
Value stocks
Dividend stocks
Blue-chip stocks


Money market funds
Treasury bills
Certificates of deposits

Mutual Funds

Stock mutual funds
Bond mutual funds
Balanced funds

Index Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


Fixed annuities
Variable annuities
Index annuities


Future contracts
Options contracts

Once we’ve established your goals, needs and concerns, we map out the process of getting there on a digital dashboard that makes progress transparent.

Our Investment Platform supports your WestStar Advisor in bringing the latest technology to make investment management dynamic and transparent. Our platform is simple to use, with your investments accessible and easy to view on our intuitive dashboard.

We look for the most efficient way to reach your goals via a plan that reflects your risk tolerance, centers your downside protection, and minimizes taxes.

Among the many questions we’ll seek to answer together are:

  •  Are your funds tax deferred?
  •  What time horizons will govern their deployment?
  •  What expectations do you have for risk and reward
  •  Would you like to support cause-related investments?
  •  How do you want your portfolio to be balanced?
  •  What rate of return is required to reach your goals?

We will present and review your investment plan, and propose and explain investment allocation before initiating account opening processes. Your advisor will regularly review progress with you, and evaluate your portfolio in order to keep you on track toward your goals.

“With WestStar’s 360° financial planning approach, we start way out in the future and work backwards to illustrate the impact of different choices; this empowers clients to make astute choices of their own. Our clients experience a sense of calm in knowing where they’re heading, and having a co-pilot they can count on.”

Sam Gullette CFP®, CLU®, Certified Financial Planner™

Disclosure: “Asset allocation, which is driven by complex mathematical models, cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.”

If you are looking for dynamic and transparent investment management to meet your unique goals and circumstances, and those of your family.

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