Tax Planning

Tax Planning For a Prosperous Future

At WestStar we believe that tax planning should happen throughout the year, not just when it’s time to file. After all, taxes can have a major impact on your financial and investing plans.

The goal of tax planning is to ensure that all elements of your financial plan work together to allow you to pay the lowest taxes possible. A tax efficient plan minimizes how much you pay in taxes and frees up money to put to use in building a prosperous future.

All financial and investment decisions you make have a tax impact, and rather than wait until tax filing time, there are steps we can take to reduce your tax bill as you build out your financial plan.

Financial planning and tax efficiency go hand-in-hand. Tax impacts all aspects of your financial life, and should be an essential part of every individual and investor’s financial plan.

Tax planning allows our advisors to plan and execute efficiency strategies on your tax return and help you plan out your tax situation over the long term.

Whether you’re looking to save for retirement, to simply improve your personal income tax situation ─ or need help with your business taxes – we will create a customized plan for you.

Your tax planning strategy can make a big difference to the way you live: it can put more money in your pocket, keep your investments efficient, save you money on retirement withdrawals, help you to give more to charity, and maximize your estate.

We help you understand all tax considerations you need to take into account for your financial and investment decisions ahead of time. By working with us all year round, we will let you know when emerging tax issues call for changes in your financial plans.

Tax efficiency is vital when your time comes to collect Social Security. WestStar Advisors provide retirement income planning strategies, help you decide the best time to take benefits, and show you how to stay within tax brackets. This may mean working in concert with your tax advisor to deliver integrated advice.

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