Why WestStar Prosperity Partners?

We’re a team of financial professionals who provide our clients the advice and guidance they need to pursue their dreams. We do it in a way that suits them, and helps them grow.

Our clients come from all walks of life; some are starting to grow, others are flying high. Many own businesses and a good few are winding up towards retirement, or winding down into it.

They’re all very good at what they do, but not very good at what we do.

What we do is to deepen their knowledge about money – how to manage it astutely, and balance today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals.  Then we put it all together in an actionable plan that targets and protects their prosperity.

Prosperity is knowing where you’re going and trusting that you’ll get there.

What makes WestStar the ideal partner on your quest for prosperity?

Your Mentors

Beyond being your professional financial advisors, our passion is to mentor you through the most significant parts of your journey ahead. In co-creating the foundations to build your dreams, you get real insight into how we go about it, what really matters – and why.

Your Coaches

Your coach is the one doing the rallying, encouraging and reminding. We keep you on track over the bumps and around the potholes; always holding your goals and timeline in focus.

Your Guides

Once we’ve designed your plan and built your customized roadmap, we help you execute on strategies that target your destination. We prioritize your goals, map out the steps to get there, monitor progress, and guide you every step of the way.

If that sounds like a journey worth taking, then WestStar is the perfect partner on your prosperity quest.

How can we help?

Our Values

Ethical, Hard-working, Trustworthy & compassionate

We believe the best teams are those whose members share the same vision, convictions, commitments, and values. When all of those align, you have a high-flying, effective team. In working together, we’ve come to see that our shared commitments are all born of the same personal values.

We value helping our clients work toward their goals and do the best they can for their families.

We all want to see our clients live free from worry to enjoy each day. In doing so, we express our compassion in a way that can be trusted, working together in the best interests of our clients.

Our WestStar Way is governed by shared values

Compassionate | Demonstrated by our passion for helping our clients, partners, people and community

‘Our work is compassion in action.’

Trustworthy | Demonstrated by our fully independent and objective – client-first – advice and transparency.

‘Doing our very best for our clients, their families, and our advisors.’

Collaborative | Demonstrated in our planning and processes, and team-based approach.

‘Our DNA is collaborative. We’re always at hand, every step of the way.’

Ethical |  Demonstrated by commitments to fiduciary duty, transparency, best practice, and objectivity.

Always do what’s best for our clients.’