Why WestStar?

Why WestStar Prosperity Partners?

Confidence and Clarity in an Uncertain World

We’re a mature business and a dynamic team of financial professionals, serving clients throughout the US from our offices in Bellevue, Issaquah, and Gig Harbor (Washington), and Fairbanks in Alaska.

We believe that prosperity is about attaining the things that bring you joy. These include confidence, the freedom to live the life you choose, and making the most of your working and retirement years.

People from all walks of life bring their unique dreams to us. Some are spreading their wings while others are flying high. We have clients winding up towards retirement or winding down into it, and we also advise and guide many business owners and tech executives.

They’re all very good at what they do, but not necessarily good at what we do.

We help our clients to define what they want from life for themselves and those they love. We build holistic 360° financial plans that target their goals and are strategically reviewed throughout their journey, tracking their progress and course-correcting to keep them on track and on plan.

Our unique 360˚ financial planning approach and processes provide clients with predictable financial outcomes and real assurance in an uncertain world. We can measure their probability of success, and their trajectory.

By knowing exactly where they’re heading and how to get there, our clients are able to live their lives with clarity.  We deepen their knowledge about money – how to manage it astutely, and balance today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals. And we support them every step of the way.

We are committed to supporting our clients in a way that grows their confidence and knowledge, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationships.

We believe that trust is earned, and that relationships built on trust last a lifetime.

“It’s truly important to learn about every client’s situation at the beginning of a lifelong relationship. The things that matter most to them, matter to us. Their personal interests, values, and goals go beyond the financial parts of a holistic plan, and I ensure my clients give attention to having fun, creating memories and living healthy, happy and confident. These things make life prosperous.”

Jason Hewett: Financial Consultant

What Makes a WestStar Advisor Your Ideal Partner?

Your Mentor | Your Coach | Your Guide

At WestStar we understand how the best teams function – whether in sports, business and other spheres. Everybody needs coaching, advice and encouragement to reach their potential, and with us, it’s no different.

Your Mentor | Beyond being your professional financial advisors, our passion is to mentor you through the most significant parts of your journey ahead. In co-creating the foundations to build your dreams, you get real insight into how we go about it, what really matters, and why.

 Your Coach | Your coach is the one doing the rallying, encouraging and reminding. We keep you on track over the bumps and around the potholes; always holding your goals and timeline in focus.

Your Guide | Once we’ve designed your plan and built your personalized 360 ˚roadmap, we help you execute on strategies that target your destination. We prioritize your goals, map out the steps to get there, monitor progress, and guide you every step of the way.

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