Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang

Financial Consultant

P: (425) 698-1708

CA Insurance License #4256104

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Kevin Chang

I believe that money can be a source of stress no matter how much you have. It’s hard to feel confident without a solid plan ─ a plan that holds people accountable and allows them to be in control of their future. Everyone deserves to enjoy the fruit of their hard work today, and to know they are well prepared for what tomorrow will bring.

I help tech families and pre-retirees – those who are heavily compensated through employer stocks – make important decisions around their financial lives. I provide customized solutions and timely advice, by using data and analytics to help them navigate the investment world in an efficient and tax-advantaged manner. My clients can make the most informed decisions and create the lives they want to live.

I grew up in a very close extended family, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. It has always been fascinating to see how people’s attitudes towards money differ, and why they act the way they do. Some families hoard every penny and cannot relax on a vacation worry-free, while others spend like there’s no tomorrow and are trapped in endless consumerism. Many get caught up in emotions rather than use logic to make important decisions.

My clients feel empowered, knowing they are making a lasting impact and creating generational wealth by committing to their financial plan.

I put myself in their shoes and advise them what I would do. I make sure they’re comfortable sharing their life stories with me, and I listen carefully. I caution them on things they’re not aware of, or are neglecting. I celebrate their wins and milestones, and applaud their accomplishments. I share my knowledge and help them understand what’s going on within the financial world. I remember small details of their lives, and understand how different decisions can apply to them.

Outside of work, I enjoy beaches and bottomless mimosas. I’m a home chef, and I think everyone should try my cooking. I pet every dog I cross paths with. I like to show off our cats Banksy, Belly, and Natto. I enjoy traveling the world and visiting my family in Taiwan.

I love the outdoors and clean fresh air. I love a cozy Sunday brunch at home. I play guitar and piano. I enjoy cooking for my whole family on any occasion. I’m a Washington Huskies Football fan. I’m a fun golfer, not great, but fun to golf with. I like nice bedding linen. I use the dishwasher as a drying rack, because hand washing them builds character.