Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson

Certified Financial Planner™

P: (253) 340-1990

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Paul Nelson

My parents emigrated from Central Canada to start a new life on the West Coast. They set a great example for me at a young age of what it means to serve their community: my mom ─ by teaching swimming and exercise classes, volunteering at our school and raising three boys: and my dad ─ by faithfully treating cancer patients as a radiation technician and by coaching soccer.

I began a career as a personal trainer, helping people with the techniques and discipline to have a healthier body and mind. I wanted to develop and apply my knowledge to help others succeed, so I attended college at Western Washington University and earned a degree in Exercise Science.

After getting married and deciding to have kids, I began to develop a deep interest in the importance of financial planning and investing. I started studying for my Certified Financial Planner™ designation well before getting a job in the financial industry. Being able to help people with their financial lives meant that I could apply the principles I value most – compassion for others and a sincere desire to help others succeed.

Focusing my energy and knowledge on helping my clients to prosper is why I do this work, and my goal is to be a trusted advisor on their financial life journeys. To me, their trust is precious, and means being dependable, honest and devoted to their success. Nothing thrills me more.

In my own life I’ve learned that a holistic financial plan creates financial confidence and a path to live more generously. Giving of my time and resources above and beyond the financial plan is what brings deep satisfaction and meaning to me.

I’ve been serving clients across all phases of their life for over a decade now. My Certified Financial Planner™ designation allows me to address their financial planning, taxes, insurance, investing, and estate planning needs. I have a special interest in helping people plan and prepare for retirement, and experience helping Federal Employees coordinate and maximize their benefits and retirement accounts to retire with confidence.

‘Your optimism today will determine your level of success tomorrow.’ -Jon Gordon

In my spare time you’ll find me outdoors enjoying all that the northwest has to offer and traveling with my wife Katie and two kids. Katie also loves meeting people from all walks of life and is great at caring for others. I love to volunteer with my church doing community service projects like yardwork at local schools and the homes of senior citizens.

I love riding my mountain bike, coaching and attending my kid’s soccer games, hiking, and trying my hardest to catch a salmon in the Puget Sound. I have volunteered in the past with AARP to complete tax returns for free. If I could change one thing about the world, it would only rain at night; everyday would be sunny and people would be kinder to each other.