Turn your opportunities into a flightpath to success

Aviator Advisory & Solutions Suite

Accumulate wealth & pursue prosperity

You’re a highflying executive with zero time on your hands, trying to capitalize on the opportunities that success has brought you.

You’re in a hurry to master your future but time is a major barrier. If asked when you’d like to retire, you’d say  “yesterday”.

You’re looking for someone to create investment, risk, and tax strategies to get you where you want to be, and guide you on the surest paths there.

If you’re compensated through company stock, you’re likely caught up in the complexity that comes with understanding and optimizing your earnings.

Our Aviator Advisory Team has helped many clients get to where you want to go. We know the most effective paths to follow and we work with you in developing a clear flightpath that sees your future through an advisor’s eyes, and maps your progress to your goals.

How can we help?

“Many highflyers view stock compensation as a form of quasi-golden handcuffs, locking part of their compensation into the typical 4-year vesting schedule. When companies rear-load their RSU vesting schedule it becomes financially tougher to switch companies. It is common for employees to live on their paycheck alone, and they often under-prioritize the equity compensation component of their income.”

Alexander Fitch, Financial Consultant

The WestStar Aviator Team

The advisors who make up our Aviator Advisory Team guide and mentor many highflyers.

We help them make the most of the financial prospects and opportunities they’ve earned. By managing and optimizing their complex compensation packages and minimizing taxes (and a whole lot more), we help them turn opportunity into success.

If that sounds the kind of support you need, we’d really like to help you get to where you want to go.

We tailor our interactions and communications according to your schedule and preferences.

How can we help?

“For younger highflyer clients, it’s about diversifying outside of company stock – how much to allocate toward their 401k and ESPP, and diversifying their tax liability: we help them save for things like children’s education and real estate.”

Jarrod Haynes, Financial Consultant

Turn opportunity into success

Your Navigator 360° Flightpath is a strategic plan that defines your personal goals and key outcomes, pinpoints priorities, and charts the routes to success.

It also serves as a communication tool that articulates our strategic thinking in a clear, understandable and actionable way.

Not only will you see your future through enlightened eyes, but you’ll also have a WestStar Financial Advisor in the co-pilot’s seat beside you, and the tools and tech you need on a digital platter.

WestStar’s Navigator makes a complex journey simpler, easier to follow and perfectly clear.

“Many of our older Aviator clients face caring for aging parents, and wonder how this will impact their reaching retirement readiness. How long can they work in their current role given its busyness, stress and responsibility?  What options do they have, and when can they afford to downshift without compromising their financial futures?”

Erik Alexander, Financial Consultant

Technology & tools that put you in the pilot's seat

Navigator Flightpath will route you to your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Beneath the dashboard lies a simulator that measures your plan in multiple scenarios. With Navigator, we can measure your probability of success and create scenarios that show you your trajectory based on our recommendations.

It’s an incredible tool that brings your overall prosperity into focus: stock compensation, investments, risk, savings, Social Security income, pension information, life insurance, retirement and more if needs be.

Your Flightpath is robust, essential to what we do from the start, and strategically reviewed throughout your journey, tracking your progress and course-correcting when necessary.

A typical WestStar relationship begins with three steps.

Discovery | Analysis | Implementation

1. Discovery Assessment

We look forward to introducing ourselves, whether on your turf or ours, or even online. We’ll get to know what matters to you, and discuss your expectations and options.

With an understanding of your situation, dreams, and concerns, we’ll work together to pursue your aspirations and address your risks.

Our discovery assessment helps us understand your needs and goals, and informs our interlinked strategic plans for the 4 key contributors to your wealth and prosperity.

Investment | Compensation | Risk | Taxes

We’re ready to answer your questions

When we first chat with highflying executives we expect to answer these questions:

Am I doing everything I can to secure my family’s future?
How do I grow the resources I’ve built?
Am I maximizing the benefits and compensation being offered to me?
What can I do to make sure my plan is crash-proof?
How long will it take to get set up for life?
How soon can I find this all out?

2. Analysis

Once we’ve established your goals, we map out the process of getting there on a digital dashboard that makes progress transparent.

The sigh of relief from our clients when we show them how all of their hard work can get them to their goals is always a special moment.

3. Implementation

Having pinpointed your priorities and landmarks, we select the most appropriate investment, compensation, risk, and tax strategies to employ.

Investment Strategy Platform

In order to implement a plan that fits your needs, we will discuss any appropriate strategies as well as the tools and products available.

Our Aviator Advisory and Solutions Suite supports your WestStar Advisor in bringing the latest technology to make every step of your investment management dynamic and transparent.

Our open architecture affords us access to an extremely broad spectrum of professional money managers and funds.

Our platforms are simple to use, with your investments accessible and easy to view on our intuitive dashboard.

We will present and review your finalized financial plan, and propose and explain investment allocation before initiating account opening processes.

“I’ve helped tech families and professionals become financially confident through comprehensive financial planning and customized investment management. By using data and analytics, and staying innovative, we help our clients make the most informed decisions, and pursue the lives they want. It’s all about decision-making and timely guidance.”

Kevin Chang, Financial Consultant

Investment Portfolio Management

When developing your investment strategy, we focus on your unique circumstances, goals and values, instead of sales and products.

Amongst the many questions we’ll seek to answer are:

  • What time horizons will govern your funds’ deployment?
  • What expectations do you have for risk and reward?
  • Would you like to support cause-related investments?
  • How do you want your portfolio to be balanced?
  • Are your funds tax deferred?
  • What rate of return is required to reach your goals?

We expect your goals and priorities will change over time, and our team is here to guide you in adapting your flightpath to reflect these changes.

Your financial advisor will regularly review progress on your flightpath with you, and evaluate your portfolio in order to keep you on track toward your goals.

Our personal touch and mentoring is evident in all our relationships, many of which have served our clients and their families’ best interests for decades.

“Along with our aviator clients’ financial success comes a great burden and a real challenge to being happy, and balancing their life’s priorities. Together we maximize their wealth-building opportunities, minimize taxes, and make sure their family is protected if they die too soon or become disabled.”

Sam Gullette, Certified Financial Planner®

Optimizing Stock-based Compensation Programs

We find most people aren’t aware of what they can create when their compensation programs are managed with an understanding of their goals, timing of grants and navigation of blackout dates.

Many don’t realize just how much value is often left on the table.

If you are seeking practiced guidance on how to best optimize your stock compensation program, our approach will help you turn complex challenges into a clear and simple path to your goals.

Master complexity | Turn opportunity to success

Being caught up in the complexity that comes with understanding and optimizing your earnings is sure to cause you sleepless nights.

WestStar’s Stock Compensation NAVAID puts a co-pilot in your cabin.

We give you a clear view on how to optimize your stock positions and co-manage your tax obligations with confidence, clarity and ease. To pursue your goals we execute upon plans that align with your tax and legal advisors’ instructions and advice.

Equity Compensation Types

  • Non-Qualified Stock Option (NSO or NQSO)
  • Incentive Stock Option (ISO)
  • Restricted Stock
  • Restricted Stock Unit (RSU)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Risk Management

It’s important to focus on making the most of the opportunities you’ve earned. It’s also crucial to consider protecting yourself against the risks that could impair your financial and lifestyle goals.

You need an empirical process to evaluate whether your family is protected and safe in case of the worst.

Our open architecture affords us access to a wide spectrum of risk solutions.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-term Care 

“My Aviator clients are compensated with stock and other benefits that can be difficult to understand. They need advice that fits their personal life plan, and the specific benefits they receive.”

Mike Smith, Financial Consultant

Tax & Social Security Planning

We provide a deep analysis of your tax and Social Security options. This may mean us working together with your tax advisor to deliver integrated advice.

Relationships founded on trust

We believe that trust is earned. Our relationships are real, honest and candid. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

We help you make the most of the financial prospects and opportunities you’ve earned, to optimize your compensation package, and to minimize your taxes.

We coach you through the steps to real confidence in your decisions and your future.

We’re here to help you turn opportunity into success and keep you flying high.

Meet the WestStar Advisory Team