Don’t let uncertainty cloud your view of possibility

Advice to set you on a confident path

Everyone has dreams of success, but few dreamers have a clear personalized financial roadmap to show them how to get there, and a financial planning process in which they fully trust.

They’d dream of greater confidence in their decisions, if only they could sleep.

Instead, they worry about their future and wrestle with many questions like:

Where am I now?
Where am I heading?
What paths should I follow?
Which milestones should I aim for?
What potholes do I need to avoid?
How do I get it all in balance and under control?
How do I fund today and prepare for tomorrow’s needs?

Your dreams matter to us

At WestStar we provide financial advice for you to build your dreams on.  You’ll enjoy our focused coaching, along with a regularly calibrated, road-mapped journey to your goals.

We coach you through the steps to real clarity in you decisions and your future.

You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that your dreams matter to us.

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Pathfinder Advisory & Solutions Suite

Setting out on a confident path

At your age you’re in a hurry to build a platform for your future but you don’t know the best way to go about it. You have so many dreams and you’re worried that you might get it wrong.

You may have loved ones depending on you to pick the best path and make the most of your opportunities. You’re well-informed but most likely lack experience with investments, insurance, stock-based compensation, taxes and much more.

To reach your goals you’ll need to make informed decisions; and without a clear view of the future and experienced guidance, you won’t know the proven paths to pick.

WestStar’s Pathfinder Advisory & Solutions Suite is tailor-made for young professionals and brings advice and guidance – along with the tools and technology – to make it clear.

Your WestStar Financial Advisor will evaluate your assets, income, expenditure, taxes, goals and risks. We’ll help you find the right tracks for your long-term success, and take care of your short-term needs.

How can we help?

“My clients come to me needing advice and direction on what to do to ensure a successful future during and after their careers. Many are young professionals who are entangled with their work lives and want me to help them take advantage of everything available to them. This can consist of many things, such as stock options, investment allocation, investment taxes and so forth.”

Aaron McDermott, Financial Consultant.

Guidance every step of the way

WestStar’s Pathfinder Advisory & Solutions Suite blends our professional team’s advice, guidance, financial planning, and tailored solutions.

Our open architecture affords us access to a wide spectrum of professional money managers, funds, and insurance solutions, from which we craft customized strategies that are readily understandable and tax-efficient.

Having assessed your situation and selected the most appropriate investment, risk and tax strategies, we bring these together on an intuitive and interactive dashboard.

You get the facts at your fingertips, with all routes monitored and measured.

Get there with confidence, clarity & ease

Your Navigator 360° Roadmap is a strategic plan that defines your personal goals and key outcomes, pinpoints priorities, and maps the steps to reach your milestones.

Navigator shows you where you are, where you can go from there, and what to anticipate on the road ahead.  Navigator makes your journey clear, keeps you on track, and measures the steps to take.

It also serves as a communication tool that sets out our strategic thinking in a clear, understandable and actionable way.

“With WestStar’s 360° financial planning approach, we start way out in the future and work backwards to illustrate the impact of different choices; this empowers clients to make astute choices of their own. Our clients find true freedom, independence and confidence: a sense of calm in knowing where they’re heading, and having a co-pilot they can count on.”

Sam Gullette, Certified Financial Planner®

Confidence, clarity & ease

Your Navigator Roadmap sets out your path to target each goal with confidence and clarity.

We’ll be right beside you in the navigator’s seat.

You’ll understand your options and projected outcomes, and why we believe one path is better than another.

Technology & tools that put you in the driver’s seat

Beneath the Navigator dashboard there’s a simulator that measures your plan in multiple scenarios. With Navigator, we can measure your probability of success, and create scenarios that show you your trajectory based on our recommendations.

It’s an incredible tool that brings your overall prosperity into focus: investments, risk, savings, Social Security, pension information, life insurance, and more.

Your Navigator 360° Roadmap is robust, essential to what we do from the start, and strategically reviewed throughout your journey, tracking your progress and course-correcting when necessary.

Navigator make a complex journey simpler, easy to follow and perfectly clear.

An experienced advisor next to you

Our technology and tools put you in the driver’s seat, and as your advisor guides the processes from the navigator’s seat, you’ll get to see your future through a financial professional’s eyes, and so make well-informed decisions.

We’ll always strive to balance your today’s needs with your tomorrow’s priorities like savings, retirement, and college education.

Mapping the most efficient way to your goals is one priority. Minimizing your risk and taxes play an important role.

Our journey together begins with a discovery assessment and a sharing of knowledge.

“My conversations with clients surface insights that become the true foundation of their financial plan. I love the connections WestStar makes with our clients – being part of a team contributing to their overall happiness, success and prosperity is priceless.”

Brock Brady, Financial Consultant

Discovery Assessment

We look forward to introducing ourselves – whether on your turf or ours – or even online. Our discovery assessment gives us the opportunity to get to know you, to find out what matters to you, and to discuss your expectations and options.

With an understanding of your situation, dreams and concerns, we’ll work together to pursue your aspirations and address your risks.

Our discovery process provides the platform for creating a holistic plan that incorporates 3 key contributors to your wealth and prosperity.

Investment Planning

We develop a holistic financial plan that aligns with your unique goals and circumstances.

It is important to develop a financial planning journey that aligns with your unique goals and circumstances, and those of your family. We consider your investment options in developing your asset allocation model. We also help you optimize your compensation structure, and company stock programs.

Risk Management Planning

Our comprehensive analysis generates risk-management solutions to support you through each life stage.

Everyone feels concerned for their family’s future in the event of death, disability or the need for long-term care.  Our comprehensive analysis generates appropriate risk-management solutions for you, and is revisited through life’s changing circumstances.

Tax Advice & Social Security Planning

We provide an analysis of your tax and Social Security options. We may work in concert with your tax advisor to deliver integrated advice.

“It’s truly important to learn about every client’s situation at the beginning of a lifelong relationship. The things that matter most to them, matter to us. Their personal interests, values, and goals go beyond the financial parts of a holistic plan, and I ensure my clients give attention to having fun, creating memories and living healthy, happy and confident. These things make life prosperous.”

Jason Hewett, Financial Consultant

Relationships founded on trust

We believe that trust is earned. Our relationships are real, honest and candid. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

Mapping your paths to prosperity is our first concern, and safeguarding you in the event of unexpected events is a vital part of our approach.

With WestStar you’ll know where you’re heading: what paths to follow, which milestones to aim toward, and how to navigate potholes in the road.

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